Lawyer's Bundles

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Development Bundles Perfectly Suited For Lawyers & Law Firms:

You've made it this far so that means you're thinking about either upgrading your existing website or having a new one developed. "Great!" We're just the team to do it for you. You have a firm to run; let us take this stressful situation off of your hands.

The first step is a very important step. Decide which payment option you want to use and then select that tab here at the top so that everything you decide afterward will already be under the correct payment option. Let me tell you a little about each of them to help you make the best decision for your firm.

· Pay-In-Full: It is exactly what it sounds like. You make your payment in full upfront. Then all you have left is to submit your data, images, and content. We even have an easy way to do that as well.

· 50/50: You pay half of your total invoice upfront and then the second half upon completion of your project.

· Finance: This option is the one our clients tend to favor. There are a lot of reasons why. You pay a down payment upfront. That amount is determined either by a promotion or the number of items on your invoice. The remaining balance is divided into 9 equal payments that are due on the 20th of each month. Since the payment plan is less than a year there is no APR to worry about. It's the equivalent of 9 months, same-as-cash.

· Lease: This option allows you to pay our lowest down payment and then you pay a low monthly payment each month. This option requires a minimum of a 2-year contract and accumulates an APR on each year's anniversary. At the end of two years, you are given the option to purchase your website.